Erection all electrical

all electrical power System equipment , transformer , switchgear for all levels of voltage
Installation of all necessary cable trays , cable conduit , cables etc..
Providing experienced manpower for any kind of electrical erection activity

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance of low and medium voltage electrical system
Medium voltage switchgear maintenance ,major corrective and retrofit
Transformer periodic , large corrective maintenance and repair
Transformer oil testing and filtration at site using our company mobile oil filtration machine

Solar Energy System


Solar Energy System

We have qualification from NREA for solar energy solution (on GRID) Certification No (76)
We are partner with Photovoltaic plant EPC French company IRISOLARIS
We are partner with solar water heater system manufacture FADI China

Our service for solar ( thermal or photovoltaic ) project include

Studying and engineering solar energy project
Procurement for all system component .
Project management and All kind of installation
Operation and maintenance and Fundraising for solar plant project

Wind Turbine


Wind Turbine

We are approved contractor for GAMESA EGYPT . Vendor code : 218997
We have partnership agreement with COMANTUR Spain
We are approved contractor for GES Spain

Our service for wind farm project include

Metrological system supply and installation
Wind turbine electromechanically installation
Medium voltage network installation , operation and maintenance
Blade cleaning , inspection and repair
telemetering system supply and installation

Agency and Trading


Agency and Trading

PETROTEC are sole agent In Egypt for LAPP insulator Germany
LAPP Insulator